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Male Mastin

Balloo the very shut down boy from rescue is becoming so much more confident , loves being a house dog and no problems at all - no weeing or pooing inside

His leish count is 1/320 and is under medication to control that..

The good news? He is a different dog since rescue! Losing some of his excess weight - on a good diet rather than cheep and cheerful - more energetic and learning to play .

He had a bath after coming to the rescue - took three lots of lathering to get his coat clean - and he looks stunning now! Not too keen on the idea at first but by the third lather and rinse he seemed to be enjoying it and I think after a good brush as well he felt a bit lighter .

This lovely boy is actively looking for a home where he will be loved and treated as part of the family.

When the time is right, he will be available for adoption.

We can't afford to let this boy down again.

More information to follow.

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