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Bruce . What can I say about Bruce ? He is big but so good with all the other dogs - both big and small , Lets puppies play with his ears and generally walk all over him . He is friendly and seems to get on with everyone.
The only time there is a problem is at feeding time - Bruce does not share ! - I can forgive that - Bruce loves his food and he’s a big lad ! Oh and at the moment we are still having problems trying to walk him on a lead . Have tried collar and harness but soon as you attach a lead to either he lies down - so something to work on.
We think he is 2-3 years old, was living rough on the campo and although a kind lady was feeding him no one wanted him on a permanent basis , no other history sorry .
Bloods done and no diseases and all paperwork in order , also been castrated .
Please could Bruce be considered for the post of resident dog in your home - I promise you wouldn’t regret it He has not been child or cat
tested but he is pretty laid back so I think if introduced the right way it shouldn’t be a problem
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