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a beautiful but very shy mastin girl 

Date of birth 15/ 02/ 18

Sterilized and all vacs and paperwork done

stands floor to shoulder 72 cms

not cat or child tested

Clara is low positive for Leish 1/40 and is being managed by Alopurinol (August 2022)

Clara has been here for some time - since mid 2019 - but for at least the first year hid in her kennel space and was very unsociable to both other dogs and humans. It has taken her quite a while to decide that she is safe here.

She was another girl who was trapped in the Coin region as a stray and who was at risk of being either killed on the busy roads or shot by hunters /farmers. She was very scared of humans .

 Clara would really need a home who are experienced with large breeds and are willing to allow her the time she will need to get to know them. Best with no children who are noisy or not dog savvy as I think they would frighten her.


She is now in the house - has been for some months ( since Sept / October 2021) and is fully house trained . No problems with any of the other dogs unless they try to interfere with her at feeding time .

She quite often goes round the other dogs grooming and cleaning their faces and often come over to me for a cuddle 

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