mixed breed mastin/GSD

Born 15/01/2016

Not child or cat tested
Darcy was rescued from the pound May 2021 and was initially fostered for a time .
Unfortunately during his time in foster he lost a huge amount of weight and for some strange reason they thought it was a good idea to get him shaved !!!! 
When I saw him I brought him back to the Retreat but still struggling  to get the weight back on although he is now not as skinny as he was . Unfortunately it is taking time for his hair to grow back too so all in all this poor boy is not looking his best . 
I think he would benefit from a home where his owner is around a lot as he loves company and is quite needy . 
He loves a cuddle - is anxious until he knows you are not going to hurt him . Reasonably good with other dogs but tends to be a bit anxious at first. Think this might be part of why he doesn't put on weight easily . He needs security and i think then you would have a very different dog