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Another beauty who needs her own sofa and mum is Gigi - This beautiful girl was rescued from the pound almost three years ago and was probably one of the most frightened dogs I've ever had to deal with . She used to hide in the shower room and cry . I was sure there was something physically wrong - Vet did all the blood tests x rays etc .only thing she had was low level leish which now shows negative .She has been sterilised -all vacs etc up to date

She will be 4 years old this September .I have no idea what happened to her in her past life and she needs gentle assurances - she still gets frightened easily . I would suggest a home with no small children or small dogs or other furies . Danny our mastin goof ball is her best friend and he taught her to play - he just kept pestering her until she did . So ok with big dogs once she is introduced properly and gets to know them

I know I am asking a lot -but once you make that break through and she looks at you adoringly with those beautiful almond shaped eyes your heart just melts

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