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Date of birth 3/3/19

Male mastin

Floor to shoulder height 86 cms

Castrated and all paperwork up to date

Harry is positive for Leish 1/160 and is being managed by Glucantime and Alopurinol (August 2022)

Harry really is a big lad and I do have rather a lot of photos of him as he is a bit of a comedian!

Harry was abandoned in a village near Malaga - I saw the post and was willing to go pick him up the next day but meanwhile someone had reported him to the police and they had taken him to the pound in Malaga. (It is the law that once in the pound - if the animal is not yours - you have to wait a certain number of days before you can take him out ). I spent a morning trying to find out where exactly Harry had been taken and went there anyway to register my interest in him - I was duly told when I could come for him.


I went, first thing, on the date I had been given and then the fun started!First I was told he wasn't there - I insisted he was and told them about my conversation with the woman I had spoken to at first. I was told there was no such woman . For some reason they were being as obstructive as possible but I was determined I was going to get Harry .

To cut a long story short it took nearly three hours of them being obstructive and me getting more determined but I got him in the end - a lovely big soft lad .

Harry is big but gentle -he is heavy now so you know it when he leans in for a cuddle.

He mouths but it really doesn't hurt as his teeth are virtually non existent (worn down by chewing on stones or chains??)

He has an 'old man' look about him and he has a really deep bark .

He has attitude - he barks at me if he thinks I'm being slow getting his dinner but he is always first at the bottom of the stairs to greet me in the morning .

All in all a wonderful, loyal character who will make someone a great companion

Ps the last picture of him was just before he was rescued x

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