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Please meet Kyra a very sweet girl who has had until now a horrible life . She is loved here but is so deserving of her very own loving family and a sofa to share with maybe one or two fur brothers or sisters .

She is a cross breed

Date of birth 25/09/18

She has been sterilized now

Stands floor to shoulder 51 cms

Not yet tested with children or cats 

She has a very sad history - was either born in a so called rescue situation or was at least with them from a puppy until mid 2021 when she came here.

She came here with three puppies all of whom were ill when the got here and died within days . When I asked at the previous so called rescue why she had never been sterilized I was told she was 'deformed inside' and couldn't have puppies - yet here she was with a litter of puppies!!!


When the vet sterilize her he confirmed what I had already suspected - the condition of her uterus confirmed she had definitely had a lot more than one litter of pups so these people had been breeding from her!

Kyra is very sweet natured and has come on in leaps and bounds since being here.  She is clean in the house , great with the other dogs and very loving . She now is fully up to date with her passport, vacs etc.

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