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Date of birth 21/03/18

weight 28 kilos 
height 72 cms 
German shepherd cross-  sociable with most dogs,

not cat or child tested.

Good on the lead,

blood tested for 6 in one and was negative to leish etc 6 months ago but will update again . This sweet boy was found abandoned on the arroyo with his skin in a dreadful state – Thought at first it was mange but no improvement with treatment and after trying different antibiotics and creams eventually got it under control. Leon had a chip and we eventually traced his owner who was miles and miles away. He admitted he knew his skin was in a bad way but when I offered to bring him home admitted he didn’t want him and signed him over to me.

Leon is a dog starved of human company and love. He is affectionate and wants love and companionship all the time so is a bit clingy. He is ok with other dogs but I think he may be better as an only dog as he wants to be numero uno. He would make a very loyal companion and he is keen to learn.  Please ask if you wish to see more photos.

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