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Lester is a stunning male mastin

Date of birth 22/06/18


weight 40 kilos, measures 68cm floor to shoulder 

great with people after initial shyness

Not child or cat tested

Lester is positive for Leish 1/80 and is being managed by Alopurinol (August 2022)

Lester is one of 6 puppies who were brought here when they were about 6 weeks old . They were at risk of being given to local farmers which would have ensured a life with no vet care and a poor quality life generally .

Unfortunately Lester has had no offers of a home so all he knows is life here at the retreat.

He gets on with all the other dogs though tends to keep himself to himself. 

Lester would benefit so much from a home where he was the only dog or just one of a couple . He needs large outdoor space as he prefers to be outside.

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