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Date of birth 28/01/19
male mastin
weight – 45 kilo ( quite slimly built but tall) 
hight floor to shoulder 79 cms  
needs to get to know other dogs slowly as can be nervous and snappy if they aren’t compatible.

Not cat or child tested

Still learning to walk properly on the lead – tends to pull at times.  

Will get up to date bloods if interested in taking him.    
Came here with his brother, older sister and mum when just about 2 months old He was always the more nervous of the two tiny pups. He would be best placed with just one or two other big dogs. 
I tried him in the house but there were too many dogs and he was too fearful. He is friendly once he gets to know and trust you and loves to be stroked and petted . I have noticed he is easily scared by loud noises – Someone was using a chain saw and he was frantic. There really isn’t a lot more I can tell you about this big guy.
Please ask if you wish to see more photos.

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