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We think Minty is a collie/mastin cross
Date of birth 02/02/2016

Sister of Humbug, Murry and Juan and was one of the 4 puppies I was asked to help as they were living in the campo near Valez Malaga and because they were running loose they were being shot at by hunters and farmers who didn’t want them on their land or near their animals.


They have been at the Retreat ever since with no interest in them at all unfortunately.( Humbug found a home early on but nothing for the others)
Minty has been spayed
Not child or cat tested.
Is leish positive but having had a course of intensive treatment she is now just on two tabs a day.

She is a sweet girl and very friendly once she gets to know you . Rather scared of men still so an all female household would be great otherwise be prepared to be very patient with her. Careful introductions are needed with other dogs as Minty can be choosy about the dogs she lives with.

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