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Meet Misty

Misty is a beautiful mastin girl

Born 01/10/20

Stands 68 cms floor to shoulder.


Not child or cat tested

Not a huge amount known about Misty's past life . Was trapped near Coin mid 2021 as she was wandering the campo and there had been threats that she was going to be shot or just get knocked down. Luckily she was being fed by a kind lady who alerted us to her plight.


Misty was very anxious when she  first came here - anxious of the other dogs but even more scared of humans.

Now this young lady is in the house, watches tv. house trained - not keen on the hoover (so still a work in progress).She also needs a bit more confidence as still scared to walk on the lead.

Very shy with people until she gets to know and trust you - then super loving.

She has the most beautiful eyes- melts my heart when she looks at me now with so much trust.


Would love a family who are active and have a decent sized garden as she also loves to play outside

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