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Male mastin

Date of Birth 2/02/16


Height floor to shoulder 71cms
House trained

not yet child or cat tested

Murray has been here since about 4 months old. . He was fostered with a family  when he was about a year old but then returned as they were unable to foster anymore, nothing to do with Murray's behaviour whatsoever.


Murray is a quiet boy - not very confident around too many dogs so for a long time shared space with only a couple of guys but has now been in the house for several months and has really become a lot less introverted.

I think in a home either as the only dog or with just one or two he would blossom .

He is fully house trained and non-destructive but he IS a shy boy so you will need to be patient with him but he will reward you a thousand times over once he gets to know you as he is very affectionate x

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