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Date of Birth 31/05/2009

Breed  Spanish Water Dog ( male)


weight 19 kilos

Not cat or child tested 

Obama is your original crusty old gent I'm afraid  - but as has had some trauma in his life plus his age it is only to be expected.Obama was a much loved pet for several years with an older gentleman who unfortunately died. The family didn't want Obama so he was put into one of the worst pounds in Northern Spain .

Obama pics.jpg

He was one of many dogs in a small compound where he had to fight for his food and from what i was told by the person who got him out for me all the other dogs were bigger younger and fitter than Obama .

When he first came here his coat was in a dreadful state and under all that hair he was very emaciated but what was was really heat breaking was the fact that he was terrified  - terrified of human contact , terrified of other dogs he trusted nothing or no one ..

I had to leave him in a pen on his own for quite a while ( I'd go in and just sit quietly with him as often as I could) just to give him time to get to know me and realise that he was safe 

This was 2020 - fast forward until today and he is a different dog .!

He loves a fuss and a belly rub 

Still a bit selective re which dogs he likes and which he just tolerates - but the fear has gone from his eyes .

His ideal forever home would be a single person or a couple with maybe just one other mature dog where he could receive the care and attention he craves 

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