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breed crossbreed ? mastin/pointer
date of birth 01/01/19

weight 23 kilo

height 52 cms floor to shoulder

not good with cats but adores puppies! 
Very sociable girl with most dogs ( there is only one here she doesn’t get on with – she is an older dominant staffie )
Not child tested 
walks well on a lead blood tests when first here 2 of the tick fevers – treated -will update if you choose her. 

.Wanda came here as a 4 month old puppy very scared of everyone and everything . Been found in a field somewhere near Seville. All on her own covered in fleas and starving.  She took a long time before she was the happy settled girl she is now. 

Discovered her love of puppies when I had 12 little ones here, she was in her element – they were jumping over her chewing on her paws and ears and she was so gentle with them. She is much prettier in real life than her picture suggests and if you are playing or talking to her she smiles (shows her teeth but not in anger)

Absolutely lovely with people and most of the dogs here but will stand up for herself if another tries to dominate her as Cora the staffie found out. Can however get a bit jealous if she thinks someone else is getting more cuddles than her – this was also the problem with Cora the staffie.

Please ask if you wish to see more photos.

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