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Date of Birth 01/11/19 

female crossbreed - perhaps some lab or retriever with mastin in there ??


good with other dogs and humans

weight 26kilos 

not child or cat tested 

Willow has had quite a sad history .

Was told she had spent most of her life in a field in the campo with her two daughters Emma and Jodie . 

Some of the fencing was damaged and they kept escaping so all three went into kennels while this was supposedly being repaired. 

Trouble is when it came time to pay the kennel fees the owners decided they didnt want the dogs back if they had to pay !!

I took them to save them going to the pound which was the alternative . 

Jodie and Emma are in one of the kennel runs ( they will come in soon as I have room) and Willow is inside the house. She is now fully house trained and has a friendly open personality .

Very friendly -too friendly sometimes as she is intent on giving you kisses and jumping up which we are working on discouraging ( well the jumping up at least)

She has the makings of a lovely family dog -is good on the lead and harness and as she is very food motivated would be easy to train . Equally happy playing and racing round the garden or curled up on the sofa 



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