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Date of Birth 08/11/19

Female Mastin cross


weight 37 kilos

loves people and great with children 

not cat tested

Tested negative to Leish August 2022.

Duchess is one of seven sisters who came to the rescue when just a couple of months old . 

Duchess and one sister were fostered for a short time with a family ( ie where there were children ) and is one of the sweetest but silliest ( in the nicest way) dogs here .

She is really soft - not a nasty bone in her body and just loves everyone . 

She loves puppies ( takes them under her wing ) and is very gentle when playing with them 

Fully housetrained her only vice is she loves her food and will wolf down her and happily eat everyone elses if she gets the chance !

To know her is to love her 

Dutchess pics.jpg
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