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Pat's Story ...

First a bit of background on me.  I was born in N. Ireland, trained as a nurse and worked on and off in hospitals until I retired in 2004 when my husband and I came to Spain.


We spent 6 years lovingly renovating the Finca where I now live on my own (my husband died in 2012).  I have always been an animal lover but because of my long hours working as a nurse (12 hour shifts) I didnt feel it was fair to have any. Soon as i came to Spain within a few years we had 6 rescues – in spite of the fact I had promised my husband we wouldn’t have any until we had finished our renovation - I just couldn’t wait!


When my husband died my two daughters encouraged me to join FB and it was really only then that I realised the amount of cruelty and animals needing rescuing in Spain. For a couple of years I mostly fostered dogs for other rescues . Then I physically rescued a few dogs on my own and the Rescue Retreat evolved from there.


My plans for the future are really just to keep rescuing and looking after abused or abandoned dogs for as long as i am able. Some are brought to me cos no one wants them, some I find and some I take from the pound. I usually take the poorly ones from the pound. I hate the thought of them dying on their own or having never had the chance of some home comforts. Some sadly don’t survive but they get vet care, good food and love while they are with me. Luckily some do survive and go on to find loving homes in  England, Belgium, Germany and a few to Denmark even managed to get one lucky girl to Italy 


Really the best place to find out about me is on Facebook ,my time line and the Retreat page (the facebook link above takes you to the retreat page).  I try to keep people informed on what is happening with all my dogs. It is hard work – I can’t say it isn’t - but every time I see photos and hear about the new wonderful lives of my babies it fills my heart with joy.


After much fundraising over the last four or five years i have had kennel spaces built - with lighting and heating and am hoping to gradually, as finances allow, renovate all kennel spaces to a really high standard. I can have up to about 70-75 dogs or puppies here at any given time and I alternate the dogs here. I have usually about 20-23 in my home at anyone time so that they get used to living in a house; they aren’t scared of TV, hoovers etc and I try to make sure they are toilet trained. This is important and I think it helps them adjust to a new life in someone’s home.  


Sorry if I have been too long winded. If there is anything else you wish to know about me or the Retreat, please contact me on the 'contact' page.  Thank you! xxx



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