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Throughout Spain there are so many dogs that need rescuing and need new homes. Perhaps you aren't in a position to take a dog or puppy into your home but want to help the animal rescue through sponsorship.

At Pat’s Rescue Retreat, Pat honours her promise to every dog she rescues. This promise is that each one will have as much medical assistance as they require. Please help Pat care for these dogs who have already been discarded once. She will never do that to them. 

You can choose to be one of several sponsors for a dog, or if you are donating to a specific vet bill for a dog we can even arrange for you to donate directly to the vet.

Sponsoring a dog for adoption

Sponsors can nominate which dog they would like to sponsor by looking at the dogs below.


Some dogs have been looking for a home longer than others, but you should choose the dog you most want to help and more than one person can sponsor each dog.

Sponsoring a rescue dog in long-term residency


It is a wonderful help if you want to sponsor one of our long term dogs like Benji, Oliver, Saskia, Mattie or Bonnie who because of traumas in their past would be unlikely to be able to be rehomed or one of our oldies who probably will never find their forever homes (possibly because of their ages or expensive ongoing vet care) and will live out their lives at the rescue. 

Dogs if, for what ever reason, don't find a forever home know they will be safe, loved and cared for here for the rest of their lives 

These are the dogs that would benefit most from sponsorship.

Here are a selection of dogs which, in Pat's opinion, will probably live their lives out at the Retreat...


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