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Placing a rescue dog in a foster home gives the best chance of finding their forever home and setting them up for success in their new family.

Pat is actively looking for volunteers to become foster carers locally here in Spain to help in the rehoming process of the dogs she rescues as strays or from the pound.

Some of these dogs may not have experienced home life before and will need to be shown the basics, including socialization, basic behavior training and exercise, family routines, vet visits, house-training and of course TLC.  Anything you would do for your own pet.

Other rescue dogs may have found themselves out on the street or sent to the pound after a bereavement, a break up or simply a change in domestic circumstances where they are not prioritized any longer.  
These dogs do not do well in a kennel environment and need to be back in a home while they wait for their adoption offer.

What's involved in being a foster volunteer?

You take the dog into your own home and take responsibility for their care and welfare on a daily basis.  

We ask for local fosters so that the dogs remain under the care of Pat’s vet, and so that you are in close contact with Pat for guidance, support and updates.  

These updates on the rescue dog are vital, they help build a richer picture of the dog who is up for adoption through information, pictures and videos.

Foster carers can come from many scenarios…

  • if you are living here in Spain full time and want to temporarily add to your pet family 

  • or if you don’t have pets and don’t want a long term commitment of a pet of your own

  • if you have a holiday home here and stay for months at a time and miss the company of your pets back home.

Based on your lifestyle, your best fit and the dog you wish to foster; you will be matched with the right foster dog for your home.

Being a foster carer for a rescue dog is a highly rewarding way to make a difference to animal welfare here in Spain.  

The transformation you see from start to finish in the dog and the increased chance of adoption is worth its weight in gold.  

Many fosters stay in touch with the adoptive family and get to see that rescue now living the life it was meant to.

Contact Pat to find out more.

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