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Another of our larger dogs in need of a good home, please let me introduce you to Henry .
Henry was found wandering on the outskirts of Pizarra about two years ago and although the couple who found him were feeding him they couldn’t let him into their property as their resident mastin objected.  When Henry came to me he just didn’t look right so got blood tests done and poor Henry had leish tick fever but worst of all heart worm . He really needed a particular treatment and for some strange reason at the time the medication couldn’t be found anywhere in Spain - we tried further afield but no luck so we had to use another less expensive but also less effective treatment but we got lucky in Henrys case - it worked!

Henry is now a middle aged castrated boy with all his paperwork in order and looking for a loving family to move in with . He would love the company of another dog but if there isn’t one no problem you would get all his attention x

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