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date of birth 14/04/13

weight 34 kilos 
hight floor to shoulder 61 cm

mixed breed - podenco cross GSD

castrated 2014
sociable with most dogs not good with cats.  Walks well on a lead – until he sees a cat or small furry!  
Blood tested for 6 in one in July 2020 -leish positive and positive to one of the tick fevers Both treated will get an up-to-date blood test done  if you choose him.- now just on two tabs daily
Rescued from the pound with a badly injured foot which wasn’t healing properly (had been savaged by a bull breed under the fencing) – kept getting infected . Got it healed and Luigi settling well. Summer of 2015 someone left a gate open and he disappeared. Fast forward to July 2020 – got a phone call from a vet who said they had found my abandoned dog – it was Luigi!! 
Luigi now in the house and is fully house trained – there are currently 18 dogs/puppies in the house and no problems with any of them but he was scared of some of the big males until he got to know them. He is very affectionate – loves cuddles. His one fault he is he is VERY food orientated to the point he will wolf down his food and try to steal everyone elses so is fed on his own. He will happily counter surf or if you are silly enough to be holding food in your hand will try to snatch it – he has no manners when food is involved therefore not safe to leave with kids eating.
Please ask if you wish to see more photos.

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