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weight 33kilos height 61 cms shar-pei sociable with most dogs have been told he ignores cats not tested with children walks well on a lead though very strong so needs someone with a bit of weight behind them.  Blood tested for 6 in one when he first arrived negative to leish treated for tick fever will update.  Castrated, Tyson was living rough but getting fed at a local restaurant. His elderly owner had died a few years back and the wife sold up the country home and moved into town abandoning Tyson to his own devices. He had dermatitis and was just generally a bit unkept and in an area where we were scared he’d get dognapped and become a bait dog. He was very suspicious of our motives at first ie trying to get him into the car – don’t think he had ever been in a car - but is such a lovely boy now.


Been in the house, house trained and no problems until my special needs puppy came in. He could obviously sense there was something different about her and was growling at her.  Afraid that he might attack her out of fear he is outside in kennels again for the moment as Olga the special needs puppy can’t go into the puppy pen with the other pups who are much bigger than her. He loves his food and will do just about anything for treats! He already had a passport so vet bills have only been to castrate, blood test and update his vacs. Please ask if you wish to see more photos.

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